Milano Durini Design

Over the years, Via Durini and the surrounding area have increasingly become the home of prestigious national- and international-level Design Companies. This is a strongly expanding urban hub taking in all the area to the east of the Cathedral as the heart of Design in the centre of Milan.

MILANO DURINI DESIGN is the association of local businesses born of the desire to define and orient the development of this prestigious district in a systematic, coordinated manner through the closest possible symbiosis between all those having an interest who have supported the initiative: leading design brands, institutions, the world of the university and culture, designers, architects property owners, bars and restaurants, Italian and international customers, the public and the city administration.

MILANO DURINI DESIGN therefore wishes to be a constant reference point in Milan aiming to become the beating heart of the Design district in the city centre. An association open to all those who wish to play an active part in terms of participation and broad cooperation for this purpose.

The initiative has been promoted by the architect Massimo Salamone: MILANO DURINI DESIGN is supported by the founding businesses B&B, Cassina, Interni, Luxury Living, Meritalia, Porro and Technogym and aims to involve all those companies and members interested in the development of the initiative.

In relation to the aims envisaged and specified in the deed of association, MILANO DURINI DESIGN sets the following wide-ranging objectives:

  • First objective:  to enhance the Design district in the city centre with Via Durini as the structural fulcrum of the whole system. Cultural initiatives of a corporate nature will be organised for the associated businesses and their partners to involve the public and the entire city of Milan, initiatives designed to promote via Durini as a point of reference in design and to outline the area as a privileged venue for theme events in the city.
  • Second objective:  to upgrade Via Durini and the adjoining area – the Design District – through activities aiming at urbanistic and aesthetic improvement that will in time lead to semi-pedestrianisation and raise the commercial value; e.g. increase in urban green areas, implementation of lighting, aesthetic upkeep in general, as well as creating awareness in the city administration of the need to make the area more elegant and representative.

Exclusiveness, local character, excellence in design, these will be the themes forming the basis of the associative action of MILANO DURINI DESIGN.