Event: June 6 - June 12

minotticucine continues its material research

Wednesday, June 1

minotticucine continues its material research. The design is the soul of the project, while the material its character. By changing the material, the essence of the design doesn’t mutate, the soul remains intact, it is the character being transformed. This is what happens with the new cast bronze table by minotticucine signed by Claudio Silvestrin, where the prestigious metal gives the form a spiritual presence and a significant cultural value. Presented together with a composition of corner tall-units made on the table's footprint and the new ladder like maya tall-units, metal as well, minotticucine experiments space with a distinctive design feature: just  pushing, the space opens into a fully customizable area. Inside, it hides a kitchen made entirely by stone accessible to everyday activities, but invisible when visual silence requires, order and elegance.

Opening time
06.06 - 12.06:
10.00 - 21.00

10.00 - 22.00