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20122 Milan

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Every day, within our 8,000 sq. m atelier just outside of Rome, we bring light beyond the boundaries of what has already been seen, blending aesthetics and ethics, choosing unique materials and sustainable technologies.  Slamp has been at the forefront of creating innovative, original, eclectic, and contemporary lamps since 1994, taking current inspiration from the natural world, architectural and sartorial genius, and artistic trends. Slamp creates suggestive, luminous, and versatile objects using the latest generation of materials, manually moulded into elements that combined together, make up a luxurious landscape. The use of exclusive, lightweight and resistant technopolymers gives a unique and recognizable touch to every lamp, allowing it to be sculpted into three dimensional shapes, decorations and effects that would be impossible using any other material. Much like any maison dedicated to haute couture, Slamp lamps undergo a precise ritual that transforms a sheet of technopolymer material into an exceptionally decorative, three dimensional shape through cold cutting and handcrafting.